The 10 Best Korean Dramas Of All Time

Today we’re going to be talking about the ten best Korean dramas of all time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the K-drama craze, this list might come as a surprise to you, but rest assured that there are plenty of fabulous Korean dramas available and more on the way! Here are our top picks for the best K-dramas of all time and some information on what to watch if you’re new to the world of K-dramas.

Top 10 Korean Dramas

Review and Ranking. Let’s talk about Korean dramas, shall we? It’s practically our national pastime. We get together with friends to drink a cup of tea and talk about who we liked and who we didn’t in our latest drama binge. Then there are endless forums on how certain scenes would have played out if written differently by writers who shall remain nameless (I won’t be looking at you, Kdramas!). One thing is true: We are hooked!

Drama #1 – Spring Waltz

This drama revolves around friends who all meet each other at a music college in Korea. The acting is like Cruel Intentions meets Gossip Girl, minus any sex or violence (well…almost). It has a killer soundtrack, which is probably why it was one of those dramas that everyone was obsessing over after it aired in Korea.

Drama #2 – Scent of a Woman

The scent of a Woman is regarded as one of Korea’s highest-quality drama series, even to date. With a star-studded cast, including Jang Dong-Gun and Lee Young Ae, Scent of a Woman is an easy pick for any fan looking to delve into classic K-dramas. Unlike more action or comedy-oriented dramas, Scent of a Woman focuses on relationship building and character development through carefully constructed scenarios.

Drama #3 – Winter Sonata

The story of two star-crossed lovers whose lives are thrown into chaos when they discover that they’re half-brother and sister. At first, it looks like it will be impossible for these two to be together—but fate might have something else in store… (IMDB)

Drama #4 – Full House

Full House is one of those dramas that’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t seen it. There are always so many different factors that go into a show, including acting, story, and music. But with Full House, it’s just pure fun. It has a level of cuteness that makes it hard not to watch over and over again.

Drama #5 – Coffee Prince

This 2008 rom-com about an androgynous young man who falls in love with a female manager at a coffee shop was an early hit for Yoon Eun Hye, who plays opposite Gong Yoo. These K-drama stars became massive hits in their own right, but most fans remember them first as a romantic pair in Coffee Prince. The unique concept still holds up today, even compared to other shows that feature gender-bending storylines.

Drama #6 – All About Eve

A classic story of the conflict between a young actress and her more experienced rival. With an endearing performance by Choi Ji Woo, it’s no wonder it continues to be one of Korea’s most-watched dramas.

Drama #7 – My Love From Another Star

This is one of those dramas that you watch over and over. The significant part about it is that you notice new things that make your love for it grow even more when you re-watch it. It’s a perfect combination of action, romance, and comedy – making it one of my all-time favorites! [8/10]

Drama #8 – I’m Sorry, I Love You

Melodramas dominate the biggest-hits list for dramas, and when it comes to Korean drama love stories, you can’t get more iconic than I’m Sorry, I Love You. Starring Jung-Hwa Yang and Rain as lovers separated by fate but destined to find each other again, it’s a staple in any self-respecting Kdrama fan’s library.

Drama #9 – That Winter, The Wind Blows

That Winter, The Wind Blows is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Song Hye-Kyo and Jo Hyun-Jae. It aired on SBS from January 7 to March 30, 2013, on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:55 for 20 episodes. It received praise for its script, cinematography, acting, and soundtrack. The final episode achieved an average rating of 29.4% nationwide, which is considered phenomenal for a cable series in South Korea.

Drama #10 – Woman of Dignity Korean Drama

A woman of dignity is a South Korean television series starring Kim Hee-sun, Kim Sun-ah, Yoo In-na and Kim Sung-ryung. It aired on SBS from October 6 to December 30, 2017 for 32 episodes. This series was fully pre-produced before airing. The production began in February 2017 with filming in Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island. The story centers around three women who have been discriminated against due to their social status: a former pop singer named Gong Shim (Kim Hee-sun), her personal maid Nam Da Jung (Kim Sun-ah) and an overweight lawyer named Baek Sul Ja (Yoo In-na). They work together as they fight against society’s prejudice which shaped their destiny.

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