3 Best Romantic Comedy Korean Drama

In Korean dramas, there are beautiful men and women, and you can sympathize with or feel the crush in stories that you cannot experience in everyday life, or stories that have a sense of intimacy.

This time, I want to fall in love this summer, such as the popular Korean drama that is currently being talked about and the popular works that are highly evaluated! I will introduce Korean dramas that I can think of.

① My ID is Gangnam Beauty


“Graceful Family” Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo, a member of the popular idol group ASTRO in South Korea, are starring. I can sympathize with the worries of the hero, and it is a work that does not stop my heart.


The main character, Mille (Im Soo-hyang), who has been teased by her appearance since she was a child, loses her self-confidence.

In order to break the complex, he decides to silently reshape his father before going to college. Then he started going to college in a different way than before, but then he resumed with his classmate Kyung-suk (Cha Eun-woo) when he was in junior high school.

To tell the truth, Mille was a special girl who cheered her up when she was worried.

However, Mille, who does not know such a thing, is afraid that his past will be exposed to the surroundings and asks to keep the shaping secret.

In addition, the campus life of Mille becomes a turbulent development due to the encounter with Sua, a natural beauty.


Prejudice and way of thinking about plastic surgery are also drawn, and it is a content that makes you think about lookism.

Even if you change your appearance with a painful feeling, it is still a story that people around you are prejudiced.

Nowadays, the world is open and easy to accept plastic surgery, but it makes me imagine that it was a little more prejudiced in the past. In addition, women often sympathize with Mille’s worries.

There is no doubt that Kyung-suk, who is always thinking about Mille’s past, will be thrilled! When it comes to someone you like, you can’t help but be on your side at any time.

And as you look at it, your aesthetic awareness will increase and you will want to dress up and go out.

The appearance may be important, but it is a work that teaches us the importance of polishing the inside.

② Reply 1997

The Korean blockbuster drama broadcast in 2012 made all of Korea crazy. It is said to be a hit work when the audience rating exceeds 1% on Korean cable TV, but this work has recorded the highest audience rating of 7%. Starring Seo In Guk of “Shopaholic Louis” and Jung Eun Ji of “That Winter, the Wind Blows”.


In 2012, Busan, where 33-year-old men and women were gathered, had a high school reunion.

While the old memories are blooming, a couple announces that they will get married.

So the times went back to 1997, when I was in the second year of high school.

Song Si Won (Jung Eun Ji) was an enthusiastic fan of Tony, a popular idol group HOT. I was so full of thoughts about Tony that I was focusing on fan activities without studying, so my grades were at the bottom of the grade.

On the other hand, Yun Yun-jae (Seo In Guk) lost his parents when he was young and lived with his brother Tae-eun while being taken care of by Siwon’s parents, who were his parents’ best friends. Also, unlike Siwon, Yunjae had excellent grades and excellent motor skills.

Yun-jae and Si-won are childhood friends who are always together and have been fighting, but Yun-jae starts to worry about her.

At that time, Siwon’s best friend Yujeong confesses to Yunjae.

Yun-jae, who had trouble answering, consults with Si-won, but the event will change the relationship between the two.


It is a work that you can see with excitement without knowing who married until the end and whether the love between the two will come to fruition.

Also, since it is set in the 1990s, I often feel nostalgic. For example, everyone is addicted to Tamagotchi, using pagers, and there are lots of nostalgic points. So, I think it’s a work that is sympathetic to a wide range of age groups, from the younger generation to the adult generation.

And after all, Yun-jae, who is a childhood friend of Siwon for the first time, is very good! !! I will attack many times, but it will be very frustrating because Siwon will not be noticed.

Also, the biggest point of this drama is that you will be jealous of your boyfriend who is close to Siwon, and you will develop a love triangle, and you will not really know who will stick to Siwon until the end.

It’s a work that is full of youth’s worries, such as love or not, or having trouble with relationships.

You can feel nostalgia and innocence, and the story is such that you can return to your original intentions. Also, as sequels, “Reply 1994” and “Reply 1988” have been produced, so please check them out as well!

③ Shooting star

It is a Korean drama that started broadcasting in 2022 and is attracting attention in Japan and South Korea. The back side of the glittering entertainment world is drawn, and the casts praise it as “the actual entertainment world is drawn realistically!”.

This work is starring Lee Sung Kyung from “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” and Kim Young Dae from “When the Weather Is Fine”.


National star Kon Tae-sung (Kim Young-dae) has a perfect look, actively participates in volunteer activities for a year, and is recognized by the public as having a kind personality.

However, in reality, he hated to lose because he was jealous in a short period of time, and he was regarded as a problem child by the management company.

Oh Han-byul (Lee Sung-kyung), the head of the public relations team who is familiar with Daesung’s personality, has supported Daesung a lot and kept his reputation from the world.

Daesung and Han-byul were always arguing and hating each other. However, he was in a truce for a while without meeting Daesung, who flew overseas to volunteer for a year.

Then, one day, Daesung, who finished volunteering, returned to Korea, and Han-byul and Daesung met again.

How will the relationship between the two develop?


The title “shooting star” seems to mean “people who clean up the dung of the stars”, and it depicts the back side desperately wiping what the star has done.

It’s a work that is just behind the entertainment world, and you can see how the entertainment world is made up.

It seems that the director used his experience working as an office staff to create a story, so even from the perspective of an entertainer, it seems to be a realistic work.

Also, aren’t the two leading actors really dating? The acting is so natural that I can’t stop feeling excited. Surprisingly, the royal road love story progresses at a good tempo, and you can feel the crush.

You can see all the facial expressions such as the cute personality of Daesung played by Kim Young-dae, the clumsy appearance of love, and the appearance of joy and melancholy.

You can see Kim Young-dae, who is different from usual, and it will have captured the hearts of many women.

And this work became a hot topic because of the cameo appearances of gorgeous actors. Many actors such as Park Jung Min and Choi Ji Woo are appearing in this drama, so please pay attention to it!

After watching it, I want to fall in love like this! There is no doubt that you will think.

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