3 K-Dramas Starring Lee Min Ho That Are Worth The Watch

It’s getting really hot these days, and it’s the season to feel the summer sunshine. I think there are many people who spend their holidays at home because of the heat. Therefore, this time, we will introduce a high-rated work that depicts a youth pattern that is perfect for summer among Korean dramas. Please take this opportunity to check it out.

1. The Heirs”

Work introduction

A Korean drama “The Heirs” depicting the love between a chaebol and a housekeeper’s daughter.

Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), the second son of the Empire Group and a child born out of wedlock, meets Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), a woman who was lost in the outcrops when she came to give her sister a wedding gift while studying abroad in the United States.

By chance, Tan, who had her fiancée, was gradually attracted to Eun-sang, although she had a fiancé, and decided to return to Korea after her return.

On the other hand, Eun-sang’s mother worked as a housekeeper at the house of the president of the Imperial Group, but she was running out of money to prepare her daughter’s wedding gift and was supposed to live and work in the mansion.

Eun-sang will live there with him, but in reality, it’s Tan’s house …


This is a school drama starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, and now there are several actors who appear in various dramas as leading actors.

For example, Lee Min Ho’s rival, Kim Woo Bin, who remembers “Uncontrollably Fond” and “Our Blues”, has appeared. He showed off an exquisite interaction with Lee Min Ho, and heaped up his work with a number of acting that could not be seen without tears.

Also, as classmates and seniors, Kim Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, Park Hyung Sik and Crystal will appear. It shows a fresh charm unique to the role of a student.

This work is packed with youth patterns, such as the heart-pounding love patterns of the two leading actors, as well as the worries of rich sons and daughters. Please take this opportunity to see it.

Starring Park Shin Hye is a seasonal actress who has become a blessing mood throughout Asia, including South Korea, due to her recent marriage and childbirth. Whether you are a fan of Park Cine or a fan of Korean dramas, how about taking the opportunity to follow the steps of a major Korean actress?

* Audience rating ... Refer to the audience rating research organization Nielsen Korea (national standard 25.6%, metropolitan area standard 28.6%)

2.  “Reply 1988”

Work introduction

Reply 1988, a successful work by popular actor Park Bo-gum. Five families of children living in the side streets of Ssangmun-dong, Dok-sung (Heli), Jung-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol), Sonu (Ko Gyun-pyo), Dong-ryong (Lee Dong-hee), and Tech (Park Bo-gum) are childhood friends.

Having spent time together since childhood, they were in their second year of high school, except for the genius Go player’s tech, and it was time to think about their career paths.

However, a love problem broke out among them during adolescence. At the same time, Doxon begins to be aware of Sonu, and John Fan begins to be aware of Doxon, but Sonu has another favorite person …


This is the third work in the series “Reply 1997” that was broadcast in 2012 starring Seo In Guk. It is a work that fascinates me with the heartwarming relationship between the sad love pattern that my childhood friend unfolds and the people of Yokomachi.

In addition, the 1988 fashion and current affairs are actively incorporated, and it is also a feature that the story is filled with nostalgia and pain.

Be sure to check out the youth patterns of childhood friends such as Park Bo-gum and other popular actors.

* Audience rating … Refer to the TBS official website

 3. “Twenty-five, twenty-one”


After watching, the youth drama “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” that tightens your chest tightly.

Minche, the daughter of famous fencing player Na Hido, loses confidence and abstains from the ballet game and decides to stay at her grandmother’s house for a while. Minche finds her mother’s diary there and learns about her mother’s youth. The time goes back to 1998. In the midst of the IMF crisis, the fencing club of the fencing player Na Hido (Kim Tae-ri)’s high school will be abolished.

However, Hido, who does not know to give up, decides to transfer to the school of Ko Yulim (Space Girl Bona), a gold medalist who has long admired. However, I don’t have the courage to persuade the announcer’s mother, and trying to transfer without telling her mother doesn’t work.

In addition, Hido meets Baek I-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), whose father’s company went bankrupt due to the IMF crisis and his family fell apart.


This work, in which Kim Tae-ri performed the role of a high school student who was 31 years old but did not feel uncomfortable, and won the Baeksang Arts Awards TV Division Women’s Best Performance Award.

Not only the sad love pattern of Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk, but also the words and scenes that pierce the heart are impressive.

In addition, the youth scene by the characters is also wonderful, and it is also characterized by having a ephemeral sparkle that makes you feel sad just by remembering it.

Be sure to check out what kind of youth the characters will have, what will happen to the friendship between Hido and Yulim, and what will happen to the relationship between Hido and Ijin, who are different in age.

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