4 Recommended Korean Dramas To Watch with Girlfriend

This time, I would like to introduce some of the masterpieces of Recommended Korean Dramas To Watch with Girlfriend I have seen so far that I personally recommend! ★★★★★ When I listed the works I wanted to add, there were 27 works, but I chose them based on these criteria!

  • Secret garden
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Dream high
  • My Husband Got Away
  • I can hear your voice

I will comment only on my memories. If you are interested, please take a look 😄

1. Secret Garden.

Secret Garden
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The first time I saw it was when I was in high school, and just a few months ago I reviewed it a second time. When I was a high school student, it was so funny that I was shocked. I was addicted to listening to the OST , singing, and addicting to Hyun Bin . And Hyun Bin ‘s behavior towards the end was so impressed that he cried, even though he was a high school student, I wondered if this was love 🥺! It’s a happy ending!

This is a representative work of a Korean drama, and there are many famous scenes and lines, so many people are watching it, and you can see it 😙

2. The Rooftop Prince.

The Rooftop Prince.
The Rooftop Prince.

This is also a drama that I was impressed and shocked when I saw it at the same time as Secret Garden. This is also a good OST ! And it’s a sad fate, but the side story is insanely funny and funny ← here is important And it’s good to be able to cry in reaction. That’s why the lingering sound was ridiculous. I was also really into Yoochun! It’s a really good work, so I would like you to see it if you haven’t seen it yet.

3. Dream High.

I remember watching this during the test week and I couldn’t stop studying.

It’s a really great piece. While you can see the background of idol development that is probably really close, love, friendship, setbacks, and relationships are not just the road to debut like a normal drama, but the story is also an interesting masterpiece.

The song is good, the dance is great, the cast is active idols, and even non-idol actors who are good at singing are appearing, and I admire them ~ 🥺

Rainbow Pro has become popular, but I want people who watched Rainbow Pro to see this Dream High! It’s a drama planned by JY Park, and the person himself is also out 😄

4.  I can hear your voice.

I saw this when I was a high school student, and Korean dramas are really interesting! !! !! Look at everyone! !! !! It is a work that became. All five works were romantic comedies , but romantic comedies save the world! 😂

There is also a sad story here, but I was addicted to it because it had laughter, excitement, and Lee Jong Suk was super cool 🥺 OST . Sorry for one pattern! (smile)

The lawyer is cool. I don’t know if you can help your work with Jong Suk’s abilities, protect yourself from danger, or find out what you like, but it’s definitely a drama that made you addicted to Korean dramas!

I think it’s related to the time I saw it and my age, but even if I saw it a long time ago, I’d like to mention some works that have something

I hope you can refer to it when you are wondering what to see 😄


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