5 Reasons Why All of Us Are Dead is the Best Korean Drama Ever.

You may want to sit down for this. All of Us Dead is the best Korean Drama on Netflix. Period.

But how can we be so sure?

First, let’s start with the ratings. All of Us Dead is currently rated 9 on IMDB and has a 5-star rating on Netflix. That’s pretty good!

The characters are also really lovable and relatable, and you’ll fall in love with them for different reasons.

For example, we have Kim Ji-ho who struggles with her relationship with her mentally ill mother and her lack of a father figure that she never knew. She was like a child herself until she met Park Won-sang (played by Park Hae-jin).

If you’re looking for action scenes, there’s plenty of those too! It has more than enough twists and turns to keep you hooked from beginning to end.

The Ratings

  • So, All of Us Dead is rated 9 on IMDB and has a 5-star rating on Netflix. That’s pretty good!
  • The ratings are right up there with the best of them. And it’s not just me saying that either!
  • It’s all over the internet. There are so many people out there who love this show and have plenty of positive things to say about it.
  • Plus, the ratings are a good indicator of how popular a show is. If no one is watching or talking about it, then it would be hard for the ratings to go too high.


  • Kim Ji-ho, Park Won-sang, Kim Jong-tae, and Jang Hyeon.
  • The characters in All of Us Dead are all engaging and lovable in different ways.
  • Kim Ji-ho is a university student who has a mentally ill mother and never knew her father. She’s moody, spirited, and feels like she’s too old for her age.
  • Park Won-sang is the chaebol son of a rich family who walks out on his life of luxury to help the poor by becoming a doctor. He falls in love with Kim Ji-ho from afar but doesn’t know that she’s from a lower class background until he meets her by chance one day at the hospital.
  • Jang Hyeon is a former gangster trying to go straight after being released from prison. He takes up a job as a chauffeur for Park Won-sang’s family and befriends him along the way while helping him find his true self.

And lastly, we have Kim Jong-tae who has been in love with Ji-ho since they were kids but was always rejected because he didn’t have any money or connections unlike Ji-ho’s other suitors. When he finds out that Park Won San is dating Ji Ho without knowing about their class difference, he becomes jealous and causes trouble for them behind the scenes with his connections to make sure they don’t get together.

The Action Scenes

One of the most notable aspects of this drama is that it has more than enough twists and turns to keep you hooked from beginning to end. The action scenes are on point, which is something that not all dramas can boast about.

One of the most memorable things in the show happens in episode 6 when Ji-ho gets attacked by a group of drug dealers and she ends up cutting them all with her bat. It’s intense, but it doesn’t feel unrealistic either.

The drama is also really addicting because of how fast paced it is. There are little to no slow moments in the show’s 16 episodes, which leaves you feeling like you’re running through an entire marathon with no break.

The story never lingers too long on one subject or character, which means that nothing ever feels repetitive or boring.

‘All of Us Are Dead’ Season 2

The first season left us with so many questions. Will Jung-min and Won-sang be able to reunite? What will Ji-ho do now that her mom is in jail?

Luckily, the writers of All of Us Are Dead have already announced that they’re working on a sequel! The second season is set to come out this year, so stay tuned for an exact release date.

All of us Are Dead netflix how many episodes

Fortunately, All of Us Dead is only 12 episodes long – so it won’t take up too much of your time.

It’s set in Seoul, South Korea and it follows the lives of four people who are suddenly dead for unknown reasons. But they’re not alone! They meet some other “dead” people.

This show is rated R because there are a lot of intense emotional scenes that can be difficult to watch. It might not be suitable for everyone.

All of Us are Dead webtoon

If you’re looking for a Korean drama that’s full of action and tears, then All of Us Dead is the perfect show for you!

All of Us Dead is an online webtoon that weaves together three timelines centered on the doomed fate of the human race.

This drama will keep you on your toes as it employs some intriguing science fiction elements to tell its story. The show centers on Park Won-sang, a professor at a leading research institute, who is trying to find out how to save humanity from destruction. He meets Kim Ji-ho, a girl who has had her own share of heartbreak and tragedy in life and they embark together on an adventure against time.

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