Cheer Up [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Episode 15 Added

It’s about a college cheer team that once led. It will show the history of the use of dance in our youth. Do Hye Yi is the newest member of the college cheerleading squad. Selected as the top 1% in appearance. Park Jung Woo is the cheerleader for Yeonhee University.

Drama Cheer Up
Country:South Korea
Original NetworkSBS
Duration:1 hr. 10 min.

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This drama is not too old to watch again! I just finished rewatching and it feels like everything is brand new! I loved the character development all the time. The fact that they were able to incorporate all the different aspects of an 18-year-old in just 12 episodes is amazing. This drama is the best ever.

Am I the only one upset that MC is “fair”? Yes, it is definitely a good thing that he perseveres and fights for his club. But then he allowed himself to be slapped by an opponent to save his ass. Why would you even save her? Because she’s a broadcaster and she has to be so perfect and so cute for her own good? please.

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There is a difference between being nice and being stupid. His weakness when it comes to confrontation makes me confused. When will we see a presenter who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty from time to time? The act was not that bad compared to what the opponent did.
Drama heroines need to grow up a bit and stop relying so much on the heroine. Also, what about a BFF? Why is he okay with an opponent after he does that to his best friend? The show has a playful tone when he meets the opponent and the guy has a stupid look on his face. like wtf??? Are you really trying to match them? yuk. I would have left this a little too loud if it weren’t for the nice bullets.

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