Get to know the talented cast and crew of the 2023 Chinese drama “Hidden Love,” including the director, screenwriter, and the main and supporting roles. Discover the individuals who have brought this captivating drama to life.


Meet the director behind the scenes of “Hidden Love Chinese Drama (2023).”

  • Director: Lee Ching Jung


Explore the creative mind responsible for the script.

  • Screenwriter: Shen Fei Xian

Main Cast:

Discover the lead actors who play pivotal roles in this engaging drama.

  • Zhao Lu Si as Sang Zhi
  • Chen Zhe Yuan as Duan Jia Xu
  • Victor Ma as Sang Yan

Supporting Cast:

Delve into the talented supporting cast members who add depth to the story.

  • Zeng Li as Li Ping (Sang Zhi’s mother)
  • Qiu Xin Zhi as Sang Rong (Sang Zhi’s father)
  • Guan Zi Jing as Li Xun
  • Wang Yang as Jiang Si Yun
  • Zhang Hao Lun as Chen Jun Wen
  • Zhang Jiong Min as Fu Zheng Chu
  • Smile Wei as Ning Wei
  • Xu Shi Xin as Jiang Ying
  • Qi Tian Qing as Yu Xin
  • Wang Yi Lan as Wang Ruo Lan
  • Lu Dong Xu as Jiang Ming
  • Hu Yu Xuan as Qian Fei
  • Xu Shi Yue as Shi Xiao Yu
  • Gu Shu Qi as Yin Zhen Ru
  • Song Pei Ze as Chen Qiang
  • Wang Yi Tian as Xiao Tai Mei
  • Chang Hai Bo as Chen Ming Xu
  • Ji Hao as Jia Yang
  • Wang Wei Hua as Duan Zhi Cheng
  • Li Jia Wei as Xu Ruo Shu
  • Guo Zi Xin as Zhang Hui
  • Zhang Xi Wei as Sang Zhi (Young)
  • Gao Lin Yu as Fu Zheng Chu (Young)
  • Zhang Bo as Zhang Sen
  • Wang Sheng Yun as Wan Zhe

Creators and Producers:

Learn about the creative minds who brought this drama to fruition.

  • Original Creator: Zhu Yi
  • Assistant Director: Wang Zi
  • Chief Producer: Zhang Wei Lin
  • Producer: Zhou Zhao Zhong

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