Hum Tum Drama 2022 Cast Name

Adam Sultan and Neha Qutub ud Din are neighbors and childhood rivals. Adam’s elder brother Sarmad is a talented cook and restaurant owner, and Sarmad has a crush on Neha’s younger sister, Maha. Maha loves yoga, keeping fit and watching her diet. Qutub ud Din, the father of Neha and Maha, pays more attention to Adam than to his own daughters, as he constantly regrets not having a son. Adam, whose own father neglected parental responsibilities of financial and emotional care throughout his life, also respects and cares deeply for Qutub.

Main cast

Ahad Raza Mir as Adam Sultan:
Ramsha Khan as Neha Qutub uddin:
Junaid Khan as Sarmad Sultan:
Sarah Khan as Maha Qutub uddin.

Recurring cast

Adnan Jaffar as Professor Qutub ud Din:
Syed Mohammad Ahmed as Safiullah ud Din “Daddu Handsome”,
Arjumand Rahim as Ulfat Qutub,
Farhan Ally Agha as Sultan: Adam and Sarmad’s father,
Uzma Beg as Tamanna Begum “Nano”, Haleema’s widowed mother,
Munazzah Arif as Haleema Sultan,
Omer Shahzad as Sarim: Professor Jabir’s son,
Anoushey Rania Khan as Sasha Qutub ud Din:
Aina Asif as Maliha Mili” Sultan: Sarmad and Adam’s younger sister

Guest cast

Saife Hassan as Professor Jabir,
Salma Asim as Professor Saleha,
Ayaz Khan as a professor at the university.
Danish Ali as Omar,
Hina Rizvi as Nargis,
Ayesha Sohail as Hira,.
Bilal Cuto as Ibtehaj,

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