Interesting facts about Lee Min Ho’s past that you may not know

In high school, Lee Min Ho never thought of becoming an actor. Due to his similar looks to Cristiano Ronaldo, the youngster was considering becoming a football player himself.

He admits he doesn’t always keep his home tidy. Instead, his room is usually a bit messy.

Although he looks cold on the surface, he is actually a very positive and open person, and he tried to prove Lee Min Ho’s open-minded side by talking about his small flaws in interviews.

It’s not clear that his favorite character is the one from City Hunter.

However, this excellent role was also the hardest due to a leg injury during filming. No wonder he has the deepest and proudest memory of this drama.

Lee Min Ho’s best friend in high school was Jung Il Woo. They traveled together in 2006 but had an accident. Of the four, these two miraculously survived.

Lee Min Ho spent seven months in the hospital, but he never fully recovered. This also affected the seriousness of his injury, and also affected and missed the plan to film “Funny Family” with Jung Il Woo.

Lee Min Ho admitted that every time he makes a movie, he will be injured to varying degrees. For example, during the filming of “City Hunter”, Lee Min Ho had another car accident, but fortunately, there were no serious consequences.

He tries to avoid the use of stand-ins, except in scenes where the male lead climbs somewhere, or jumps off a high place, all by himself. So in “City Hunter”, more than 90% of the stunts are done by himself.

The actor’s height is inherited in the family. His father and sister also have a pair of long legs, and they are also very good figures for Asians.

That’s why, even with masks and camouflage, actors are easily recognizable on the street. The reason is his proportions and unforgettable eyes, which are very recognizable.

He likes the smell around him, so he always wears cologne in his bag.

He doesn’t like being praised after a movie just because of his looks, because every time he works hard. He just wished his voice wasn’t as low as he wanted it to be.

His first casting agent admitted that it was Lee Min Ho’s voice that made him pull Lee Min Ho out. Of course, in addition to the eyes, there is also a tall height.

He said he could neither sing nor dance.
Interestingly, he always tries to be close to his fans, so he doesn’t use VIP access in hotels or airports, so Lee Min Ho is indeed a relatable idol star.

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