Island Season 2 Kdrama 2023 Review, Cast, Release Date

Won Mi Ho is the single offspring of a father who holds a powerful position in the Daehan Group. Despite her self-centered and egotistical personality, she also displays a hint of sadness. However, one day, she creates a major disturbance, resulting in her father banishing her to Jeju Island. To atone for her actions, Won Mi Ho is assigned to work as a high school teacher, where she teaches ethics.

While on Jeju Island, Won Mi Ho finds herself embroiled in a supernatural case involving ghosts who seek to eradicate humanity. As a result, the ghosts set their sights on targeting Won Mi Ho. Fortunately, a mysterious ghost hunter steps in to protect her from harm.


  1. Nam-gil Kim as Van
  2. Cha Eun-Woo as Kang Chan Hyuk…
  3. Lee Da-hee as Won Mi Ho
  4. Sung Jun as Goong Tan
  5. Kim Gi Cheon as Principal
  6. Jeon Gook-hwan as Won Mi Ho’s Father
  7. Geum Gwang-san as Ho Beob Seung
  8. Lee Hang-na as Won Mi Ho’s Aunt
  9. Heo Jung Hee as Yeom Ji
  10. Hyun Joong Kang as Monk
  11. Du-shim Ko as Geum Baek Joo
  12. Oh Kwang-rok as Butler Jang
  13. Geun-hyeong Park as Jong Ryung
  14. Yu Seung-Ok as Han Soo Jin
  15. Jung Soo-Bin as Lee Su Ryun
  16. Lee Soon-won as Secretary Kang
  17. Choi Tae-Joon
  18. Yoo Yi-Joon as Kyung Jun

Island Kdrama season 2 Total Episodes

The second season of Island has been confirmed to have six episodes, just like its first season.

When and where to watch season 2 of Island?

  1. Pacific Time: 7.30 pm PT, February 23
  2. Central Time: 9.30 pm CT, February 23
  3. Eastern Time: 10.30 pm ET, February 23
  4. UK Time: 3.30 am GMT, February 24
  5. Europe Time: 4.30 am CEST, February 24
  6. India Time: 9.00 am IST, February 24
  7. Australia Time: 2.00 pm ACDT, February 24
  8. Singapore Time: 11.30 am, February 24