Mr Queen 2021 Best Review, Cast, Ending, Rating

Mr Queen 2021 Review

Mr. Queen 2021 is an exciting new K-drama that brings the concept of swapping couples back to the forefront. The show follows Jang Bong Hwan, the highly acclaimed chef at the Blue House. When he gets caught up in a political scandal, he finds himself accidentally falling into a swimming pool. In the process, he meets a mysterious woman and learns that she’s about to become queen of King Cheoljong.

While the ending is a controversial topic in the K-drama community, it has been explained in the double-bill special episodes. While the conclusion is still unclear, the story is well-constructed and strikes a balance between comedy and drama. While there are moments when the tone shifts too dramatically from one to the next, it never felt jarring. As a result, Mr. Queen has gained a loyal fan base.

The storyline

The storyline is quite interesting and is well acted. The main characters, a modern man and a secretive king, and an intriguing plot have the potential to make for an engaging series. While the ending of Mr. Queen 2021 is likely to split some fans, it does have the potential to give a satisfying climax. The actors are excellent, as is the writing. I was blown away by the acting and the storyline. Overall, Mr. Queen 2021 is an enjoyable watch and will appeal to both comedy and historical drama fans.

Ending of Mr Queen 2021

The ending of Mr. Queen 2021 is a confusing one, but it is largely a matter of taste. It seems like the storyline is a bit confusing. The main characters accept the other’s soul and merge with each other. As the memories seep into their minds, the voice of the other character takes over. This gives the show a more masculine slant that serves the love line. I’m not sure how much of this is acceptable to the mainstream audience, but for fans of the tvN show, it’s a safe bet.

The end of Mr Queen has been a big talking point in the K-drama community. While many viewers are unsure of the outcome of the show, the series does a good job of maintaining a balance between drama and comedy. This isn’t an unusual quality in a K-drama. While it may not have the most plotlines, it has excellent visual cues, and a great soundtrack. Its cast of characters is well-rounded and the storyline is enjoyable.

Mr Queen rating

8.8/10 very good Good, but not for everyone. Mr Queen is a story about an emotionless man who has dedicated his life to take down a powerful evil woman. He does it through taking over her company and making sure she never comes into power again. Throughout all of these events, Mr King seems like a mean guy who does these things only to get revenge on her – yet there are many other characters that would have been better suited for doing so; but in actuality, he just wants to make sure she never hurts anyone else again. It’s not a new concept by any means and I think they could have done something more with it; however, it still brings interesting ideas which will attract some audiences whilst turning others away.

Mr Queen Cast


  • Shin Hye-sun as Kim So-yong, Queen Cheorin
  • Seo Eun-sol as young Kim So-yong
  • She is the Queen of Joseon who has the soul of a man in her body.
  • Kim Jung-hyun as Yi Won-beom, King Cheoljong
  • Kim Kang-hoon as young Yi Won-beom

Supporting cast 1

  • Cha Chung-hwa as Court Lady Choi
  • Chae Seo-eun as Hong-yeon
  • Yoo Min-kyu as Prince Yeongpyeong
  • Lee Jae-won as Hong Byeol-gam
  • Bae Jong-ok as Grand Royal Queen Dowager Kim (Queen Sunwon)
  • Kim Tae-woo as Kim Jwa-geun
  • Na In-woo as Kim Byeong-in
  • Jeon Bae-soo  as Kim Mun-geun
  • Ko In-beom Right State Councillor Jo Man-hong
  • Kim Kwang-sik  as Minister of Personnel Jo Deok-moon
  • Choi Jin-hyuk as Jang Bong-hwan
  • Lee Cheol-min as Director Han Pyo-jin / Han Shim-ong
  • Kim Joon-won  as Bu Seung-min
  • Kim In-kwon as Royal Chef Man-bok,

Supporting cast 2

  • Yoo Young-jae as Kim Hwan
  • Song Min-hyung  as Chief State Councillor Kim Byung-hak
  • Kang Ji-hoo [ko] as Left State Councillor Kim Seok-geun
  • Son Kwang-eop [ko] as Minister of Military Affairs Kim Chang-hyuk
  • Seol In-ah as Jo Hwa-jin, Royal Noble Consort Ui (Jo Gwi-in)
  • Jo Yeon-hee as Royal Queen Dowager Jo (Queen Sinjeong)
  • Kim Ju-young as Oh Wol, Jo Hwa-jin’s maid
  • Son So-mang as Court Lady Kang
  • Seo Hye-ryeong as a court lady
  • Lee Tae-gum  as Eunuch Kim
  • Choi Hwan-yi as Eunuch Choi
  • Kim Bang-won as Sal-soo
  • Sung Min-soo as Royal Secretary Jo Dae-su,
  • Kang Chae-won as Dam-hyang,
  • Ahn Ju-ri as a court lady
  • Kang Da-hyun as Hang Sim-hyang
  • Yoon Gi-won as a royal physician
  • Yoon Jin-ho as Head Eunuch

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