Royal Feast Chinese Drama { Eng Sub } All Episodes, Cast Review


  • Title: 尚食 / Shang Shi
  • English title: Royal Feast
  • Also known as: Imperial Cuisine
  • Genre: Historical
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Feb-22

Royal Feast Drama

Royal Feast was one of the most anticipated dramas of 2022, mainly because of its star-studded cast. I think most of the “Yanxi Palace victims” have come to see this to heal their broken hearts I too, came in with high expectations, only to be disappointed by the poor script and writers.

From my point of view, the whole show was about some people cooking and delivering food, jealousy, conspiracies, stupid cooking contests, characters being stupid, etc. To be honest, this drama doesn’t deserve to be classified as a romance because the leads spent very little screen time together. Most of the time, one resists the other’s love, and when they finally get together, they either fight or get bold. They don’t understand each other and I’m not sure how they fell in love!

Royal Feast Episode 1

Let’s move on to the characters. FL’s character Yao Zi Jin irritated me the most. He’s too nice for his own good. He got into trouble most of the time due to his annoyingly forgiving nature. Sometimes I wonder why he did this or why he did that. I agree that this is probably due to the fact that this drama is based on real events and real people, which cannot be changed at will, but I couldn’t stand it.

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When it came to the LM, it was more tolerable. But, from time to time I would get angry with him for his lack of tact and his treatment of his cocubines. When his father became emperor, I laughed. How could a king behave like that? He was a complete idiot.

Except for Meng Shang Shi, most of the people in the food office were also annoying. I think her and ML’s grandfather were the only two rational characters in the entire show. Su Ye Hua and Yin Zi Ping were complete idiots, constantly fighting, plotting, and gossiping behind each other’s backs.

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Of course, the performance was magnificent. The performances of Xu Kai and Wu Jin Yan, as well as the supporting cast, were outstanding. However, believe me when I say that this dramatic plot is not worth your acting skills. What a waste of talent!

The only things I think the production team put a lot of effort into were the costumes and the food. I’m sure the actors ate well while filming. The foods looked delicious, and I think I was drooling from the food they were eating. (I’m not sure because I was sleepy most of the time.) The costumes were awesome. I especially liked the war costume that ML wore in the final episodes.

Royal Feast Ending

Zhu Zhan Ji married Hu Shan Xiang. Currently, Yao Zi Jin tells the Crown Prince that she entered the palace to see just how wonderful his wife is.

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