Start-Up 2020 Korean Drama Review, Cast, Rating, Best Ending Explain

Start-Up Korean Drama Review

While “Start-Up” isn’t the most entertaining film you’ll ever watch, it’s a decent enough drama that merits a watch. It is set in Korea’s Silicon Valley, in an area known as Sandbox. The story follows a woman trying to launch her own company, and a man who’s trying to save his struggling startup. Seo Dal Mi (Suzy) is a bright and determined woman who wants to build her own company. She is inspired by a boy who had written letters to her when she was a child, and eventually meets this man.

Start-Up episode 1

The first episode of Start-Up is dedicated to setting up the romance between two young women, Dal-mi and Nam Do-san. When Dal-mi finds a secret admirer, he falls in love with her. But Dal-mi doesn’t know that Nam Do-san is her secret admirer, since her grandmother asked a troubled orphan to write the letters. The letters were written under the name “Nam Do-san” and they fall in love.

The drama is based on a true story, with the company’s founder being part of a sandbox competition. This competition was an aid to the company, but also shattered dreams of young entrepreneurs. The story also deals with the family theme, and the relationship between the sisters, which is a big part of the plot. In the end, it’s unclear what kind of future Dal-mi will have.

Start-Up Drama Review

The drama was well-acted and a very realistic portrayal of a startup. The characters were charming and helpful, and there was a love triangle between the two leads. Although there’s a lot of conflict between the two protagonists, the plot grew out of the triangle despite the dramatic moments. The climax of the drama was a twist that made it all the more compelling. The ending was a great finale, but the story dragged a little toward the end.

The storyline

The storyline is a great idea, but it’s not the best. In addition to the plot, the storyline is also a bit rocky. It’s hard to predict the outcome of the plot, and it’s important to make sure that the characters aren’t forced into it. The movie is a good watch, but there are a few flaws to be aware of. While Start-Up has many great points, it is a few things that are worth mentioning before you decide to buy tickets.

Start-Up Cast

  • Bae Suzy as Seo Dal Mi
  • Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San
  • Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyung
  • Kang Han Na as Won In Jae
  • Kim Kang Hoon as Nam Do San Young
  • Nam Da Reum as Han Ji Pyung Young
  • Kim Kang Hoon as Nam Do San Young
  • Kim Jin Ah as Hackathon CEO
  • Bae Hae Seon as Lee Hye Won Seonju CEO
  • Song Sun Mi as Cha Ah Hyun
  • Lee Re as Won In Jae Young
  • Kim Joo Heon as Support Role
  • Kang Yoo Seok as Shin Hyun Develope
  • Stephanie Lee as Jung Sa Ha
  • Kim Do Wan as Kim Yong San
  • Jasper Cho as Alex Kwon
  • Yoo Su Bin as Lee Cheol San
  • Kim Hyun Mok as New tenant in the old Sam San Tech office
  • Heo Jung Eun as Seo Dal Mi Young

A few key flaws in the movie are the weak character development and the overall tone. The film is not a particularly good example of character development, though Brody and Gathegi give the role a good deal of nuance and authenticity. However, Freeman’s performance distracts from the overall tone of the movie. There are too many loose ends and too many plot threads in the movie. This makes it a flawed movie.

Startup plot

The film is also missing strong character development. While Brody and Gathegi are very good, the show isn’t based on any real life story. While brody’s character isn’t particularly likeable, Freeman’s character is the only one who carries the movie. While the storyline is a good example of an excellent film, it’s still a little bit underwhelming.

While the premise is interesting and the premise of the film is intriguing, Start-Up lacks subtlety and depth. While the film notes that crime is a virus that eats the Miami society, it doesn’t give its characters any real life struggles. Similarly, it does little to help its characters grow as people. While Start-Up isn’t an especially exciting movie, it’s certainly worth a watch if you’re curious about the world around you.

The film aims to be a sweeping and ambitious movie about the world of exchanging money. Unlike most Hollywood movies, Start-Up is a very diverse movie, and the premise is a good way to attract attention. It’s a very interesting concept, but it also lacks subtlety and broader insight into the characters. The setting is Miami and the sexy scenes are a highlight, but it’s not very exciting. The film is set in a small island in the middle of the city, which is a very crowded area.


The first three episodes of Start-Up are a tad slow in terms of plot development, but the second half of the season picks up at a brisk pace. While the first episode began brightly and showed promise, the third was ultimately lacking in a few key elements. The show’s characters are also lacking in a number of important elements, including a strong female lead. But there are many redeeming qualities to this drama that make it a must-see.

The film is not without its problems. Its writing is a little clunky and repetitive at times, but overall, the story is compelling and it’s a movie you should definitely watch. It’s a very satisfying movie, but be warned that it’s not perfect. While it’s a fun show, it does have its problems. The ending is a little underwhelming, and there’s an underwhelming romance.

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