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In particular, in Chungmuro, where the positions of middle-aged actors who rose to lead roles from the mid-late 1990s to the early 2000s are still superior to this day, they are the only actors who inherit their baton and build their own world, side by side. In other words, it is unmatched in terms of acting and box office performance compared to actors of the same age or younger generation.

He has been immersed in all genres regardless of genre, and has worked with famous directors such as Park Chan-wook, Na Hong-jin, Ryu Seung-wan, and Choi Dong-hoon. In the case of director Jong-bin Yoon, he is a certified persona. He has even appeared in art films directed by Kim Ki-duk and Hong Sang-soo.

He has a fairly good batting average and belongs to a hard-working actor who works on an average of two or more works a year. His acting skills are unparalleled.

In August 2018, he became the youngest actor to become an actor with a cumulative audience of over 100 million for his lead roles. This is the second time in history after Song Kang-ho to surpass 100 million in cumulative audiences for the lead roles. If you look at the overall cast, it is the fifth time in history that the cumulative audience exceeded 100 million, making it the 5th highest box office hit for a Korean actor. He set this record at the age of 40. Oh Dal-soo, who was the youngest actor to reach 100 million viewers, shortened his 46-year-old record by a whopping six years. Oh Dal-soo is somewhat embarrassed to be listed on the list of actors who have surpassed 100 million viewers because most of his supporting works are. Ha Jung-woo is an even greater record considering his relatively short career compared to the Chungmuro ​​senior group who are still in their prime.

In addition, he participates in film production from a certain moment, and also participates in planning and directing. He is an actor with a commercial feature film he has directed. In <Roller Coaster>, as if to show the power of directing, I heard that all of his characters are like Ha Jung-woo.

He made his debut in a minor role in Im Kwon-taek’s <The General’s Son> while attending Seoul’s former theater department.[10] After graduating from college, she worked as a theater actress and occasionally performed small roles. In particular, in the movie Shiri, which was released in 1999, he briefly appeared as a government agent investigating Han Seok-gyu (with Jang Hyun-seong) in the second half of the movie. went through the times

Then, in 2001, Soon-rye Lim’s <Waikiki Brothers> slowly began to make her name known. In fact, at this point, he wasn’t particularly recognizable as any of the Waikiki Brothers’ other lead actors.[11] Then, he greatly increased his recognition as an actor with impressive performances in the queer film Road Movie, Im Sang-su’s troubled family, A Sweet Life, and finally won the Best Actor Award at the 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2005 for You Are My Destiny with Jeon Do-yeon. Awarded. At this time, the so-called ‘table theory’, which was the announcement of the award ceremony, is a famous line that has been talked about in many places since then. On the other hand, as an acceptance speech, he told Jeon Do-yeon, ‘Do-yeon-ah, acting with you was like a miracle for me. Thank you, ‘[12] and he scolded his wife. He told her wife that it was Hwang Jung-min’s fate.

He left a huge impression on the film industry and Chungmuro ​​with his road movie, and swept all the Rookie of the Year awards that year. After that, you won various awards for your sweet life, and even the best actor awards you dreamed of as my destiny. That is, a lot has happened to one actor in five years.

He joined the agency as his popularity rose as Jo Sang-mu, and after that, he has been building his reputation by appearing in popular dramas such as Squad 38 and Goblin. He often appears in several commercials, and his name is also on the rise in film promotions. Comparing the still cuts of his works, he plays quite a variety of roles. He is evaluated for being good at a wide range of genres, from comedy acting and weak characters to strong characters such as killers and soldiers, and even acting that sheds tears.

He also appeared in the drama Mr. Sean Shine in the role of a rebel, building recognition and showing prominent supporting roles. It lost its importance in the middle part when the drama became serious, but it reappeared in the last part and performed enthusiastically.

There is an opinion that image consumption is too much after 2017, when he started prolific in earnest. The difference between the roles is not felt much, so the audience feels tired.[6] I’ve been anonymous for 16 years, now I have to earn

Because he was mainly active in the performance world, his recognition in the CRT was low, but he began to make his name known to the public in earnest by playing the role of Lee Ji-ran in the drama Six Flying Dragons.

In 2017, she received a lot of love for playing the role of Kim Je-hyeok in PD Shin Won-ho’s drama The Wise Life in a Prison.

He played the role of Chan-woo Lee in the movie Quantum Physics, which was released in 2019, and won the Best New Actor Award at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 25th Chunsa Film Festival.

In 2021, he played the lead role of Jo Sang-woo in <Squid Game> and received attention abroad.

In 2003, he made his film debut in Park Chan-wook’s film Old Boy, starring Yoo Ji-tae as Lee Woo-jin’s child. After she was discharged from the military, she appeared in plays, movies, and dramas. In particular, he became a rookie actor in the spotlight for his outstanding performances in the independent films ‘Hyehwa, Dong’ and ’18, 19′ and scary stories. After that, he took on the lead role in the national song contest, and he gained some recognition through the success of his supporting films, Introduction to Architecture and A Werewolf Boy.

In Introduction to Architecture, he appeared as a senior in Gangnam, who is admired by the nation’s first love Suzy. He said half-jokingly and half-seriously, as if it was unfair, not to misunderstand that he just came. In the movie Werewolf Boy, he once again showed his villainous beauty by appearing as Ji-tae, who bullies Park Bo-young, another national sister. The audience was very angry when they saw the real Ji-tae. He can be seen acting well.


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