The rebel princess chinese drama review

Rebel Princess Synopsis

In the fictional Cheng dynasty, the women of the Wang family were always the queens. As such, young Wang Xuan, the daughter of Premier Wang Lin, is raised to be the legitimate wife of the imperial emperor, though she herself rejects her fate and aspires to marry the third emperor, Zitan.

In an unexpected turn of events, her passionate father marries her to Xiao Qi, a low-born general who has recently been awarded the title of Prince of Yuzhang for his merits on the battlefield. These same events see the downfall and eventual death of Zitan’s mother and the mother’s family at the hands of Wang Lin.

The Rebel Princess Chinese Drama Review

No Rebel Princess, Monarch Industry or Phoenix Emperor. The Woman in Love is an apt name and should have been the official title of this lengthy melodrama. After 2 months and 68 episodes, no one knows that despite the drama about Zhang Ziyi, it has nothing to do with her rebellion (except maybe against her father), but rather her being the wife of a love he could “do no wrong”. in an epic romance.

The production finished filming in 2018 and is ZZY’s first television series. He personally financed this project and even had the final say on the casting decisions. He hired a well-known team, some of whom he has worked with in the past, including the following:

  • Director: Hou Yong (Jasmine Women, Hero)
  • Art Director: Han Zhong (House of Flying Daggers)
  • Cinematographer – Philippe Le Sourd (Great Director)

Long story short, this drama really hit my emotions, and honestly, I was left pretty bummed out by the end of it all. However, I attribute it to my own expectations rather than an irrelevant consideration that should not therefore detract from what was a well-executed release. For the most part.

The Rebel Princess is based on Mei Yu Zhe’s first novel, Imperial Industry, published in 2007 and released in two volumes, Emperor’s Industry Parts 1 and 2. It tells the story of A’Wu, a noblewoman from the region in Shangyang with royal blood. flowing through his veins and possessing all the fine qualities of beauty and intelligence befitting a nobleman. These qualities would eventually endear him to a famous general, Xiao Qi. Together, they would overcome all obstacles and enemies near and far as their love conquered all in their path to establish a new era of peace in the kingdom. Something like that, as I was given to understand not actually reading the novel.

The Rebel Princess Ep 1 Recap

Wang Xuan tells the emperor that he made a trip to the crown prince. The Emperor tells him to hide under his clothes when the Empress arrives. He tells the empress that he spare Wang Xuan because the crown prince is her older brother. She says that she will not punish Wang Xuan because she is also her niece. So she makes Princess appear and finds that she falls asleep.

Wang Xuan walks towards the Emperor. She is given the title of “Princess of Shangyang”. The empress tells the emperor to marry the princess to the crown prince because she will be the future empress. But the princess tells the empress that she wants to marry the person she loves. Wang Lin informs the Emperor that Zhulan King is attacking the nation before the Princess tells the Emperor the person she loves.

Where to watch The Rebel Princess Chinese drama

The Rebel Princess premiered on the Chinese streaming platform Youku on January 9, 2021, and all 68 episodes can be streamed now on PBS stations. The costume drama is part of Passport’s expanded library of videos offered to members of PBS stations as a benefit of membership.

The Rebel Princess happy or sad ending

How does the rebel princess end?

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The Crown Prince won, with the biggest shock to Wang Xuan’s family, as her father, Wang Lin, is exiled, her mother dies, and she miscarries.

Is The Rebel Princess worth watching?

Great movie. I love the lead actor and the actresses so good. The chemistry is beyond me! Beautiful actors, lots of action and storylines, this cast is worth watching anytime, I love Chinese series that are built around dynasties. Beautiful landscapes. Beautiful culture. I’m lovin ‘it.

Is Rebel Princess based on a true story?

Monarch Industry (Chinese: 上陽賦; pinyin: Shàngyáng Fù, also nicknamed The Rebel Princess) is a 2021 Chinese fictional drama. This drama is an adaptation of MeiYuZhe’s novel Di Wang Ye and stars Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Yiwei , Tony Yang, Kara Wai and Angie Chiu.

How many episodes will The Rebel Princess have?


Who is the male lead in Rebel Princess?

Film critics and fans alike were captivated by actor Zhou Yiwei, who plays General Xiao Qi, an admirable character who defies clichés of military leaders. Princess Awu (Zhang Ziyi) and Xiao Qi (Zhou Yiwei) in The Rebel Princess. All 68 episodes are airing now.

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