The top 10 Korean drama ratings in 2022

The top 10 Korean drama ratings in 2022 will be released, and the eight-episode “Son of the Chaebol” has reached the top with 19.449% ratings!

Then the rankings are “Strange Lawyer Yu Yingyu”, “Umbrella”, “Thousand Yuan Lawyer”, “Our Blues”, “Big Mouth”, “My Life Again”, “Blind Date in the Society”, “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, “Little Ladies” “.

For “The Son of the Plutocrat”, the Douban score is still stable at 8.3 points.

Apart from the influence of the popular actor Song Joong-ki, such a high rating is naturally inseparable from the plot content of the show, and of course the blessings of other powerful actors.

In terms of the acting skills of the actors, although all the members are capable, the actor who plays the role of Chen Yangzhe, Li Xingmin, ranks first in acting skills. , there are dramas everywhere, not angry but powerful, full of domineering, the whole momentum and the handling of details are extremely exciting, and they are a perfect match with the characters.

As for Song Joong Ki, he was equally outstanding, playing a young but extremely mature and wise Chen Daojun, one side is the future Yin Xianyu, and the other is the current Chen Daojun, complex characters, extremely clearly presented to the public.

And actors like Chen Yangzhe’s two sons, a daughter, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law are also outstanding.

Regarding the content of the plot, the male protagonist is devoted to his career. Although he has an emotional branch, it obviously occupies a very small part. The plot content of the current eight episodes has been unfolded in an orderly manner, and now it has officially entered the stage of a frontal battle.

The cool drama form of rebirth time travel, through events one by one, brings the audience not only a sense of coolness but also a strong impact and appeal.

For Chen Daojun, the main purpose of rebirth and time travel is revenge. To achieve this goal, he launched a series of plans. Yang, obviously, this plan is not easy.

Chen Daojun’s biggest advantage is foresight, which is also the biggest feature of Time Travel Shuangju. Of course, what he has mastered is not only the development trend of the times but also enough understanding of Shun Yang, so Chen Daojun when he was young, Start paving the way for the future early and earn his first pot of gold.

Then at the adult stage, an investment company was established to acquire and annex Shun Yangjia’s companies step by step.

Of course, all of this is inseparable from politics. His uncle, who strongly supported him, became the mayor of Seoul and got the right to develop the new city. At this time, Chen Daojun and his grandfather Chen Yangzhe declared war.

Going from behind the scenes to the front of the stage is an inevitable result.

And there is an episode in the middle, even if the biological mother was not rescued, Chen Daojun blamed himself and regretted it. It can be seen that what he can change is extremely limited, and it also raises a big question, whether Chen Daojun wants to change What is it, if it is just to save parents and revenge, then everything is futile, and the layout is limited, so there is a bigger plan, to change Shunyang, to buy Shenyang, what needs to be changed is an unfair system.

The first battle after the declaration of war was the development of the new city of Seoul. Chen Daojun was also frustrated at first. After all, Shenyang controlled a huge amount of resources, so he made trouble in the new city’s settled units. At the same time, the sister-in-law also wanted to fight for more benefits for herself. But after being rejected, Chen Daojun soon came up with a new plan, which not only regained control of the development of the new city but also made his grandfather change the inheritance system he insisted on. It was no longer inherited by the eldest son and grandson, but inherited by the capable.

This undoubtedly exacerbated the family disputes. The eldest son was in danger, the eldest grandson fell out of favor completely, the second son actively took the position, and the daughter was also struggling to fight for more assets.

Chen Daojun was also in the midst of such internal chaos in the family and began to divide and divide them. He took the lead in attacking his aunt, and by borrowing money, let his aunt mortgage the company’s equity, so as to obtain more assets of Shenyang. Inducing her aunt to invest huge sums of money in the stock market eventually caused her to crash and overturn.

It has to be said that when the plot develops to this point, although Chen Daojun’s implementation of the whole plan is not smooth, he is quite experienced in grasping the direction. Starting with the aunt, who is not only the weakest but also the most arrogant, the humiliation of the Chen family’s mother made her even angrier. This plot made him sympathize.

“The Son of the Plutocrat” has been upgraded from the cool production at the beginning to the battle of wits and courage today. Obviously, even if Chen Daojun has a grasp of the trend, he is not a vegetarian like his grandfather, Chen Yangzhou. After all, as a bigwig in the business world, he still has extraordinary abilities to become the number one chaebol. Although he lacks the predictability of trends, relying instead on his rich experience, Chen Daojun’s plans continue to encounter ups and downs.

With the abolition of the eldest son inheritance system, Chen Yangzhe began to focus on Chen Daojun, and how he should develop a relationship of competition and cooperation with his grandson will undoubtedly be the focus of the following plot, and of course, the sons will not sit still, What will happen in the end, so stay tuned!

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