Unexpected Friendship: BEOMGYU and NCT’s Chenle Form Bond Beyond Agencies

On February 23, 2023, a fan asked BEOMGYU on Weverse if he had met NCT’s Chenle yet. BEOMGYU responded by saying that they are not just “SNS friends” and that they have had several deep conversations whenever their schedules allowed.

BEOMGYU is a South Korean dancer, rapper, and singer who debuted as a part of TXT in 2019, while NCT’s Chenle is a Chinese K-pop artist who debuted in NCT Dream at the age of 14. Given their successful careers, it’s natural for fans to be interested in their friendship.

While some netizens were surprised to learn about their friendship, many thought it was only natural for idols of the same age to befriend each other. Fans were happy to hear that BEOMGYU and Chenle are good friends, and that their friendship is an example of idols interacting beyond their own groups or agencies.

This friendship is just one example of the many idol friendships that fans adore and support. Other examples include Lisa from BLACKPINK and Bambam from GOT7, as well as Irene from Red Velvet and Jennie from BLACKPINK. Fans love to see idols interact and form bonds outside of their own groups, which makes them more relatable and endearing.

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